Dr. Armando Lopes

Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon, in 2003 and joined the MALO CLINIC team in 2004, Currently Director of MALO CLINIC Lisbon, he was Oral Surgery Department Director between 2007 and mid-2015, and Director of the Imaging Department between 2007 and early 2011.

Practicing exclusively in oral surgery and dental implant rehabilitation, Armando Lopes has an extensive know-how on total rehabilitation using the MALO CLINIC protocol, the All-on-4 surgical protocol, including the zygomatic approaches, and i salso na expert in Digital surgery.

One of the MALO CLINIC key speakers, Armando Lopes lectures regularly at international couses, conferences and other training events featuring oral rehabilitation, implantology and Digital surgery.

Dr. Lopes earned a Master of Science degree in Clinical Dental Research in 2013 and a PhD in 2019 both from the University of Granada (Spain). He is author and coauthor of several scientific publications.