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    MALO CLINIC Education
    April 23, 2021


    What our students say

    Testemunho Dr. Ivan Gyula

    Dr. Iván Gyula

    What was my 3 days at Malo clinic?  …. Exciting…

    I had live surgery in the operating room in the morning. I’ve seen a lot of little tricks that I can use in my surgery every day. I had lectures and a practical course in the afternoon. They gave me an overview and help for all on 4 cases.

    The Malo protocol is easy so anyone can solve difficult cases with safety. When I arrived at home the next day I ordered the Nobel all on 4 set.

    I truly enjoyed the MALO CLINIC Residency Program. I learned a lot, saw a lot, and people were friendly too. I will recommend this education program.

    Testemunho Dr. Ziad Oukacha

    Dr. Ziad Oukacha

    The residency was really over my expectations. I must say that when I registered, I asked myself should I flight 8 hours to take this training?  I can now say this was definitely the right decision.

    I knew already that MALO CLINIC was the best place to learn about the All-on-4, but seeing you work as a team gave me a whole new insight. It was wonderful to experience first-hand how teamwork is something that comes naturally to you; everyone knows what to do and when to do it and interaction is smooth and easy. Also, the amazing relationship between staff members is impressive, and so is the way that everyone is friendly making you feel welcome, which is not exclusive to MALO CLINIC, since my experience in Lisbon was great. 

    I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the amazing residency and the top organization, it was my pleasure to know you all and to be in MALO CLINIC, and I hope I can see you again in another training next year.

    Testemunho Dr. Victor Camones

    Dr. Victor Camones

    Training was very intense and with lot of learning. There were a lot of very good tips, that I will be actually implementing at my office. 

    All cases were performed in a highly professional way, and this was not limited to the surgeons, but extensive to all staff members. Getting a chance to observe the surgeries and the interaction of the team and realizing how they were involved and aware of every little detail to assure a successful outcome to each patient was a crucial part of the training. 

    We were also lucky to have the opportunity to see some cases performed by the lab technicians.  It was a big help to follow the lab procedures up close. Plus, the hands-on were very helpful systemizing information and any issues that might be floating on your brains.

    I will be joining again for sure for the Cadaver Course.

    Testemunho Dr. Reza Zamani

    Dr. Reza Zamani

    I am writing to express my appreciation towards your great work and wonderful course, we had such a nice time at your beautiful city!

    This is a very well-designed course with a practical nature, placing your mind directly into the concept, and then having discussion about concept and Q&A.

    The All-on-4 was not exactly new to me; I have been watching and assisting surgeries with my close friend and mentor – which trained with you a few years ago also -, so I had a kind of exposure to this, but I felt I required a proper training to start independently and the 2-day course was right for me at the moment.

    I have already started offering this treatment to my patients. Case selection and assessment are an important part, which was the main reason to participate in your training. Watching multiple live surgeries, can boost your confidence to start seeing the details and beginning the operations!  

    And interacting with a friendly and approachable team, plus also getting the chance to know impressive Lisbon, listening to Fado and walking thought its old neighborhoods, full of culture and soul is just the icing on the cake.

    I will encourage my friends to participate in this remarkable course for sure.
    Please extend my regards to all the team at MALO CLINIC.

    Testemunho Dr. Farshad Athari e Dr. Farid Ebraihm

    Dr. Farshad Athari and Dr. Farid Ebraihm

    The key reason for us to do this training was the All-on-4. 

    We are happy that we went to the MALO CLINIC. Everybody was super nice, and we were able to go back and immediately put in to use what we learnt in our own surgery. And this will for sure impact our daily practice.

    Combining work and travel is always the best way for us, and the whole experience was great. We will for sure someday go back to Portugal, and revisit the clinic if there is something new to catch-up on.

    Testemunho Dr. Gabor Orosz

    Dr. Gabor Orosz

    I am totally satisfied with the Cadaver Course! I gained all the very valuable theoretical and practical information I was looking for. The very well implemented hands-on and cadaver courses are unforgettable and gave me enormous amount of experience I needed  to develop my practical skills. It was a pleasure to spend every minute of the three day-course in MALO CLINIC as it was so well organized.

    It was so interactive that I could ask all my questions about the Zygoma cases and I got not only answers but encouragement and  also a very good  feedback where I stand in experience according to my Zygoma cases, what to keep in mind, what not to worry about and even what is going to be probably the next level of experience of mine, by time.

    The MALO CLINIC staff is a team of wonderful people whose aim is not only to execute perfect fixed full arch rehabilitations with the least trauma to the patients (!) but to create something really valuable good thing that makes our world better- and they are not afraid to share their experience of it with us. Thank you MALO CLINIC.