Privacy Notice – Trainees

This privacy notice describes how MALO CLINIC collect and process the information of your personal data, how we will use and protect that information and the choices you can make on how we may use your personal data.

This privacy notice applies to all MALO CLINIC trainees. We consider personal information that one which alone or in combination with other information allows or contributes to your identification (including your health data).



The institution collects the personal information directly from its owners or through third parties when the registrations are sent through them.

To fulfil all obligations resulting from the contractual relationship we have with our trainees, the treatment of the personal information is necessary to meet the obligations and duties inherent with that relationship. The lack of this information can prevent or forge the compliance of those obligations.

  1. Information we ask for

Information we ask you for the registration on the training courses provided by MALO CLINIC:

  1. Personal identification data (name, birth date, gender, nationality, passport nr. where applicable);
  2. Contacts (full address – it includes city and country, landline, mobile phone, email);
  3. National identification data (VAT, ID nr., ID expiration date, …);
  4. Information related to special categories of personal data (health data);
  5. Other information (profession, professional status – work environment, professional registration and personal liability insurance where applicable);
  6. Data related to the credit card (name, number, expiration date and security code).



We use your personal information as a result of the contractual relationship you established with MALO CLINIC to:

  1. Answer to requests of information made through website/email/telephone;
  2. Assign special conditions given to clients of some of our partners;
  3. Register as trainee of the training courses provided by MALO CLINIC (Lawfulness – contract execution);
  4. Fulfil all contractual and legal obligations resulting from this situation;
  5. Exercise our rights under the law in force;
  6. Provide the hired services and the services appropriate to the informed health condition (food restrictions, lawfulness – contract execution and consent);
  7. Issue documentation to obtain visas;
  8. Keep our records accurate and updated.



Your personal data will be preserved by MALO CLINIC within the required deadline necessary to the purposes they  were collected. The deadlines are specified  on the “Table of personal data conservation”.

Every time you exercise the right to the rectification of the information regarding your personal data, the MALO CLINIC promotes the rectification as soon as possible.

You may be able, on some occasions, to object to the processing of your personal data due to your personal situation, to restrict its use or ask us to share those data with other organizations on a structured format of daily use and of automatic reading.

After giving a consent for the processing of your personal data, you may take it at any time. To exercise the listed rights, please inform us through the contacts indicated below (point 7).



In general, the company do not transfer or share with third parties, (others than non service suppliers acting under our guidance and responsibility), information related to personal data, except when obliged to by legal requirements.

Other situations where we may share personal data with third parties:

  1. Third companies (Nobel Biocare, ExtraCut, and/or other partnerships or outsourced companies within training);
  2. Hotels and Caterers, Travel Agencies;
  3. Transfer companies;
  4. Building Security company;
  5. Website, social network, newsletters, media;
  6. Tax authority (SAFT-PT).



The company ensures the use of the best techniques, organisational and security measures, to protect the personal information avoiding its loss, its inappropriate use, its change or destruction, ensuring its integrity, availability and confidentiality. In this regard, it is demanded to all employees with access to your personal data to keep it confidential. Only the authorized and bound to duties of secrecy and confidentiality personnel shall have access to this information.

The data will be preserved for the period strictly necessary for the purposes of its treatment or by legal order. During the retention period the integrity and the access to the data are granted.



The personal information may be transferred, stored or treated on a different country of the data holder and from where it has been collected. On those cases the data transfer is made according to the GDPR requirements. When the personal data transfer is made to a country outside the European Union, appropriate safeguards shall always be provided through legally binding rules, such as standard clauses approved by the Committee. When the transfer is made for other companies of the Group, it is always made based on the group’s privacy notice and in case they exist based on the corporate rules mandatory for the responsible of the data treatment and subcontractors. In case you wish to have more detailed information on the mechanisms and clauses used on the personal data transfer, please contact us using the contacts mentioned on point 7.



For any question related to your personal data’s processing, please contact us on: Responsible for the personal data protection:

The company has the commitment to cooperate on the search of the better and fairest resolutions to the complaints related to the personal data treatment that may be presented. In case you believe the company was not competent on the resolution of the presented complaints, you have the right to present that complaint to the competent control authority – National Committee of Data Protection – through their webpage:



You may always request a copy of this privacy notice, using the contacts herein indicated. The company may change the privacy notice. You may check the date of the last update by consulting/viewing the last date of the review/version that will be part of this document. All the changes to this notice are made effective after its publication (review). We recommend, to keep you updated, that you often review the privacy notice to check the existence of new updates.